AED Program Management

Proper AED Maintenance occurs with our Program Management. This is critical to ensure your organization and devices are emergency ready and in compliance.

Make Sure Your AEDs and Staff Are Ready

You’ve ordered the recommended AEDs, accessories, and first aid products for your organization. You’re ready to go, right? Not quite. Getting the right devices and supplies is the first step, implementing a program that ensures they’re going to be ready and working when you need them most is an equally important second step. Most organizations simply do not have somebody on staff with the time or knowledge to maintain the equipment and keep track of it in a systematic way.

Advanced First Aid’s Program Management

We can manage and maintain all of your devices ensuring they’re in perfect working condition and in compliance with all internal and external regulations. When you decide to use our program management service we take care of the following:

Medical Direction, Oversight & Prescription
The FDA view AEDs as “restricted devices requiring a physician’s prescription.” A licensed physician will provide the necessary prescription for purchase and continuing oversight services for your AED program.

Monthly AED Inspection Email Reminders
We send you monthly reminders about inspections, as required by MN state law.

AED Registry
We set up your AED registration according to all state laws. Includes area EMS notification and county 911 integration where applicable.

Online AED Tracking and Record-Keeping 
We notify you when your AEDs need service and provide the service locally. Avoid the $7,000 OSHA fine for expired batteries. Our web application assists your coordinator in maintaining all records including monthly AED inspections, training records, Rx, policy/procedures, disposable replenishment, personal protective equipment, and post-event tracking.

AED protocols per AHA/RC guidelines
We keep you in compliance with all changing rules and regulations.

24/7 Customer Support
844-CPR-AEDS will connect you with a live person when you need any time and any day.

Post Event Services
We install a new battery and electrode (cardiac arrest victims only) and clean the device. Once an AED is used, this information belongs to the patient’s medical chart and needs to be handled in accordance with HIPPA guidelines.

Forward Hearts
If an SCA victim is shocked, resuscitate by a lay rescuer, and is discharged from the hospital, AFA will donate a full AED package back into the community, of the survivor’s choice. This is for new AED sales, Lifepak CR Plus, Heartsine models 350/360/450.

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Don't wait for help, be the help!

We can custom our program to fit your organization’s support needs and budget requirements. We assist you in person with a dedicated staff of Heart Safe Certified Account Representatives, expert trainers, and onsite services.