I’ve been an emergency paramedic at HCMC since 1990.  Being a paramedic, I’ve learned that being prepared is the value of success.  A large part of my job is education, planning and readiness. This is no different than sharing the importance of public access defibrillation and AED’s because sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is real.  SCA affects hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. The first 1-2 minutes of a SCA is most crucial: Early recognition & quick action, use of hands only CPR and AED’s save lives. It’s that simple.

My passion is bringing preparedness to lay rescuers. I assist others in strengthening their self-confidence to not be scared, to act with skill, to “be the help.”  Implementing compliant AED programs is more than just placing an AED on a wall, it’s ongoing maintenance and customer support services.  We build never ending relationships with our customers. Many businesses like, Cargill, City of Minneapolis, Affinity Plus, RBC Wealth Financial, Cleveland-Cliffs mining and many more, trust me to best prepare them for unseen emergencies. My 911 experience allows me to hold practical non-threatening, easy to learn training helping lay rescuers learn these valuable skills.

SCA strikes without warning. It would be my pleasure to share my knowledge and skills to assist your organization to become prepared for a cardiac emergency. The life you save just may be your own. “Don’t wait for the help, be the help”.

Away from work I enjoy traveling with my wife Jo Ann, playing hockey, gardening and motorcycling.