My name is Nick Stager and I am the junior of the AFA team.  I graduated from St. Cloud State University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration on Supply Chain Management.  My previous employment includes the University of St Thomas where I was a supervisor in their catering department and for State Farm Mutual Insurance where I was a risk advisor, account manager, and in sales.  What I learned from my previous employment is that I love a challenged and I really want to help people and my community. 

I grew up around AEDs and to me they are like a fire extinguisher.  Cardiac Arrest is the leading cayuse of natural death in the United States.   One thing I have noticed about my peers is that they did not have the same exposure to AEDs as I did.  One of my goals here is to spread the awareness of AEDs and cardiac arrest. Therefore, the next generations of youth will see how important it is to always have a public access defibrillator handy. 

The reason I like working for Advanced First Aid is the dedication the team here has to making our communities heart-safe.  Not only do we make sure communities have access to AEDs, but we want to make sure the people near them know how to use them in the event of an emergency sudden cardiac arrest.  If you have any questions regarding training or how to get an AED into your community, please contact me at 612.325.3511 or send me an email at